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Amps :: Acurus A2002 Stereo Power Amplifier

high-end in harmony with high-tech

The two-channel utility player in the Acurus A2000 series is the A2002. This amplifier provides the basis for a value-priced high-end stereo setup or a 2-channel zone amplifier for a multi-room system rack.

An innovative ethernet control and status port is now standard on all Acurus products. This feature enhances performance and ease of use well beyond the traditional one-way 12V trigger.

Acurus A2002, 2-channel Amplifier, 120V,
US price: $2799.99 USD



high-quality, high-value stereo amplification
fully-discrete analog amplifier design
ideal companion for a high-performance 2-channel
preamp or DAC
great add-on for enhancing the stereo experience
from a multichannel-AVR
stand-alone or rack-mount capable
with optional rack mount kit
intelligent, flexible, 2-way ethernet-based control
and status monitoring
readily interfaces with popular home control solutions
solid American engineering and construction
THX Ultra2-certified

sale price: $1999.99cdn
Power Conditioner :: PS Audio Noise Harvester

Get noise right at the source.

The Noise Harvester is the world's only device that actually eliminates line noise from the home's power lines. Filters, Power Plants and conditioners either shuffle the line noise away or provide some isolation for equipment, but they do NOT eliminate or remove power line noise.
Only the Noise Harvester removes line noise and converts it to another form of energy - light!

Give your power conditioner a fighting chance by lowering the noise floor of the power line in the first place.

sale price: $119.95cdn

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