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Tower :: Wilson Audio WITT series II Loudspeakers

This excellent PAIR of Wilson WITT series II come in the beautiful Dark Titanium finish. Very small paint chips at the bottom corners are the only slight blemishes.

Original shipping crates, manual and accessories are there plus a set of 8 Wilson Audio Puppy Paws Spikes

Don't hesitate - Get Wilson Audio Authentic Excellence!

sale price: $5000cdn
Tower :: Anthony Gallo Acoustics Reference 5 LS Loudspeakers with SA Amplifier - SOLD!!!

Reference 5LS is the culmination of everything Anthony Gallo has learned so far in a lifetime of speaker design.

At 78" tall, the Reference 5LS is blessed with a negligible footprint of a mere 7" wide by 11" deep to create a very slender profile. As a line source array, it mates seven of Gallo's patented CDTII tweeters with eight carbon fiber midranges each housed in their own spherical enclosure.

This pair is in very good condition and comes with the Gallo Reference SA Amplifer/Crossover for powering the woofers.

US Retail Price when new- $ 19,000

Canadian Retail Price when new - $ 22,000

Asking Price in US Funds - $ 7800 No tax on shipments outside of Canada.

Asking Price in Canadian Funds - $ 9800 5% GST applies on shipments in Canada only

Shipping costs are negotiable.

Reference 5LS is the culmination of everything Anthony Gallo has learned so far in a lifetime of speaker design.

With seven proprietary tweeters and a dozen rear-firing woofers accompanying the midrange drivers,
the 6.5-foot, $19,000 USD -per-pair system delivers an immense, enveloping sound...
...After all, how could the sum of such beautiful parts equal anything less than one spectacularly gorgeous whole?
The Robb Report

Not only are the new Reference 5LS loudspeakers interesting to look at, they sound spectacular.

sale price: $9800 Cdncdn - SOLD!!!
Tower :: Focal Electra 1037 Be loudspeaker

The Electra 1037 Be are attractively modern-looking, beautifully built, moderately priced (by today's high-end standards) loudspeakers that deliver a seamless, coherent, faultless presentation in terms of tonality, harmonics, and rhythm. Not too bright or too dull, or too lean, or too anything. The Electra 1037 Be are smooth yet detailed, always solid presentation never failed to engage

This pair is in excellent condition in natural cherry which Focal calls the Classic finish.

Description: Three-way, floor-standing, reflex-loaded loudspeaker. Drive-units: 1" inverted beryllium-dome tweeter, 6.5" W-cone midrange unit, three 7" W-cone woofers. Crossover frequencies: 230Hz, 2kHz. Frequency response: 33Hz40kHz, 3dB. Nominal impedance: 8 ohms. Sensitivity: 93dB/W/m. Recommended amplification: 40400W.
Dimensions: 49 3/16" (1250mm) H by 11 15/16" (303mm) W by 15" (400mm) D. Weight: 112.2 lbs (51kg).

No shipping cartons so local pickup only.

sale price: $5790cdn
Amps :: NAD M2 Direct Digital integrated amplifier

"NAD's Masters Series M2 is a winner all the way."

This NAD M2 is in excellent condition.

Solid-state, stereo integrated amplifier with remote control, four digital and two analog inputs, digital processor loop, RS-232 port, 12V trigger input and output, and soft clipping. Digital input sample rates accepted: 32192kHz at up to 32-bit word length. Clipping power: >250Wpc into 8 ohms (>24dBW). Maximum continuous power: >200Wpc into 8 ohms (>23dBW), >250Wpc into 4 ohms (21dBW), >300W into 2 ohms (18.8dBW). IHF dynamic power: 300Wpc into 8 ohms (24.8dBW), 450Wpc into 4 ohms (23.5dBW), 600W into 2 ohms (21.8dBW). Maximum output current: >27A. Frequency response: 20Hz20kHz, 0.3dB, 3dB at >85kHz. Channel separation: >80dB (analog inputs), >90dB (digital inputs), both at 10kHz ref. 1/3 rated power into 4 ohms. Damping factor: >2000 (20200Hz). Distortion: <0.02%, 20Hz20kHz at 100mWrated power, with Audio Precision AES17 and passive 20kHz filters. Input sensitivity: 296mV for 100W output, 418mV for rated power. Input impedance: 36k ohms in parallel with 200pF. Maximum input level: 5.6V RMS at 9dB level trim setting. Signal/noise: >95dB A-weighted ref. 1W, >118dB A-weighted ref. 200W. Power consumption: 500W in normal use, 100W at idle, 1W in standby.

sale price: $3500cdn
Amps :: Sumo The Nine Class A Power Amplifier

Sumo gives you the real thing. The Nine is a pure class A power amplifier that remains class A even when driving 4 Ohm loudspeakers.

The Nine's approach to class A is so unique it earned a US patent - an amazing achievement for an audio component.

Sumo's exclusive class A engineering provides all the advantages and none of the disadvantages of typical class A designs.

The unit features an all aluminium anodized chassis with massive extruded heat sinking and built in whisper fan for efficient heat dissipation.

Military grade G-10 glass epoxy printed circuit boards throughout.

Power supply incorporating 1.4KW shielded toroidal transformer and 42,000 microfarad computer grade filter capacitors, resulting in supply voltage regulation better than 3%.

Power output: 60 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo)

Frequency response: 2Hz to 120kHz

Total harmonic distortion: 0.25%

Damping factor: 120

Input sensitivity: 1V

Signal to noise ratio: 100dB

Dimensions: 480 x 220 x 180mm

Weight: 16kg

PRICE includes Shipping and GST, or GST & PST if picked up

sale price: $900cdn
Projectors :: Faroudja VP400A Line Quadrupler / Video Processor

The Faroudja VP400A Video Processor is a precision video instrument used to convert NTSC Composite, Y/C, or 525 line RGB or Component interlaced signals into 1050 line progressive outputs.
Using the VP400A Video Processor will produce
pictures with more details, remove unwanted picture
artifacts and, when used with projection systems,
produce pictures of exceptional quality, giving a
“cinema-like” feeling.
Front panel features include Power, Input Select
(Video, Y/C, RGB and Component), Brightness,
Contrast, Color, Auto-Tint, Noise Reduction, Detail,
Digital Filter and Freeze. Input switch settings are
memorized when the power is removed from the
unit. This allows the VP400A to be interfaced into a
system without the need to select the input when
the system is powered up. The remaining controls
may be left in factory preset or manually set by
pulling out and rotating the control until the desired
level is established.
Inputs to the VP400A include: Composite Video,
Y/C (S-VHS), RGB and Component (Y,R-Y,B-Y). The
Video input may be connected by either a BNC connection
or a video RCA type connection. These
inputs are looped internally so that the signal may
be used by other devices. A selectable 75 Ohm terminator
switch is provided and should be in the ON
position if the input loop is not used. The Y/C input
uses a standard 4 pin S-VHS connector. This input
is not available for a looped operation and is terminated
internally. The RGB and Component inputs
use BNC connectors. As with the video input, these
inputs are loopable to other devices. Selectable 75
Ohm terminations are provided. If the looped inputs
are used, these cables should be kept short, (under
6' in length) or a video distribution amplifier should
be used. This allows the VP400A to keep the highest
signal bandwidth possible without having the
high frequency being attenuated in a long cable.
Output from the VP400A is provided on six BNC
connectors as well as one 15 pin ‘D’ connector. The
BNC outputs provided are Red, Green, Blue,
Horizontal Sync, Vertical Sync and Composite Sync.
Interface to monitors/projectors can be of a 4 or 5
wire connection. Note: 4 wire, meaning Red, Green,
Blue and Composite Sync or 5 wire, meaning Red,
Green, Blue, Horizontal Sync and Vertical Sync.
There is no sync present on the Green output. The
VP400A is capable of driving a monitor/projector
using the BNC outputs as well as a 15 pin ‘D’ connector,
at the same time. The monitor and projector
have to scan at 62.94KHz Horizontal scan rate.
The VP400A features a RS-232 remote control
interface that will allow control of all line quadrupler
functions. The remote control uses a 25 pin female
‘D’ connector located on the rear panel.

sale price: $500cdn

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