era Sub8 Powered Subwoofer

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Sub8 was designed specifically for the way you listen. Deep and musical, or dynamic and loud.

Reduced - Now Only $ 799

The Sub 8 has an hourglass porting system that reduces chuffing and eliminates that annoying one-note-bass sound you get out of many ported subwoofers. It also contributes to a terrific amount of output and punch. The hourglass shaped port also yields extremely fast response time and wide bandwidth which is great for music. This is a loud proud sub that you feel in your chest. It performs very well in the 70 Hz and below area and it loves dynamics. If you prefer an in-cabinet front firing sub, the Sub8 was designed to turn on its front side leaving the amplifier exposed on top for easy to reach controls. The Sub 8 is available in high gloss black.

Freq Response - 28-140 Hz

Power - 200 watts A/B

Crossover range - 30-140 Hz

Finish - Black Gloss

Inputs/Outputs - Low Level RCA

Accessories - Dense rubber feet 4-rubber pads for side mounting

Dimensions - 14.5"h x 12"w x 12.5"d w/ feet and amp

Weight - 55 lbs

 era Sub8 Powered Subwoofer   

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